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60 El Khalifa el Maamoun st., Queen Center, Roxy, Misr el gedida, Cairo, Egypt.

Tel: +2 02 2454 19 29

+2 0111 22 87 525
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About Us
  Dr. Loay Aboul Enen  
Dr. Loay Aboul Enen | Ultrasound Success story

- Senior Sonalist and Trainer in "Ultrasound Special Care Unit of Fetus", Obst. Gyn. Hospital, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.
- 14 years experience as Sonographer of 3D & 4D ultrasonography on many machines: Voluson 530 D (&D MT), Medison Sonoace 8800 (Gaia), Voluson 730Pro, Voluson 730 Expert, Medison Sonoace 8000 live, Sonoace X8, Accuvix V10 & Accuvix XQ., …
- Trainer of 2D, 3D, 4D & Doppler ultrasound for doctors in "Ultrasound Special Care Unit of Fetus", Ain shams University courses and conference workshops (live demo sessions and training sessions).
- General Organizer of 6th international congress of Ultrasound Special Care Unit of Fetus, Salam Concord Hotel, Cairo, Egypt, 2011.
- Speaker and active participation in many Ob Gyn Ultrasound international congresses.
- Winner of “Image of the month” of the 3D Contest, of the Sonoportal.net web site. (3 times).
- Other members staff of "Loay 4D Scan" are providing the best quality, Accuracy , Experience and most recent technology in 3D and 4D ultrasound thus providing the Perfect Diagnosis which for sure will lead to the best management.

- Pioneer 3D / 4D Imaging:
Loay 4D Scan provides the full range of ultrasound examinations from the simple 2 Dimensional and Doppler ultrasound to the latest 3D & 4D imaging Technology. All examinations are performed by highly trained and specialized radiographers under the direct supervision of Dr. Loay.

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