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Obstetric Gynecology Abdomen Fetal Echocardiography
1-Normal Uterus & Uterine cavity

Normal uterus (3D MultiPlanner view)
Normal uterus (Coronal view) Normal uterus (3D MultiPlanner view)
2-Normal uterine cavity (closed) & Opened uterine cavity:
1 2
3-Endom. cavity cycle phases:
Proliferative endom Secretory endom
Proliferative endom Secretory endom
Helps to correlate and regulate the endom. cycle with the ovarian and menstrual cycle phases.

4-Endom Lesions:
3D US provides a very clear diagnostic imaging of the uterine cavity. e.g.

5 6
Endom. polypi, Adhesions,
IUCD inside gy3
IUCD inside Early Pregnancy Gestational sac
Early Pregnancy Gestational sac
Tumours or masses
5-Uterine Anomalies:
A-Bicornuate Bicolis (Uterus Didelphis)
A-Bicornuate Bicolis (Uterus Didelphis) Bicornuate Bicolis (Uterus Didelphis)
C-Septate uteus
B-Subseptate uterus C-Septate uteus
6-Vaginal Anomalies:-
e.g. Vaginal Septum
e.g. Vaginal Septum.


Benign tumour of the uterine wall
-3D US determines the relation of the fibroid to the endometrial cavity and it`s effect on it.
-Vasculatures of the fibroid shown by 3D Colur flow map to ensure benign or malignant pattern
8-Uterine Tumours:
13 14
A-Endom. Carcinoma: B-Cervical Carcinoma
9-Ovarian Cysts and masses:
A-Physiological cyst

A-Physiological cyst

B-Benign cyst:
B-Benign cyst B-Benign cyst
C-Malignant cyst:
C-Malignant cyst
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